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Groupe Wold

Wold Group

WOLD was built around the common values of its two founders: audacity, excellence, perseverance, listening and mutual support. The deep desire to bring a breath of fresh air to the digital industry encouraged WOLD to imagine and create the new standard for consulting firms.

Continuous evolution in the heart of WOLD’s DNA

WOLD supports its clients by following the evolution of organizations and technologies, thanks to its community of talents driven by a common genetics of constant evolution. WOLD provides a cultural environment fueled by continuous learning and collective intelligence in order to deliver the best for its customers and employees.

Operational excellence as a source for the development of our talents.

With the “digital transformation” of companies now complete, the challenge now lies in accelerating the intelligence of agile organizations.

WOLD puts in bold your digital ecosystem to make it more efficient and accessible to the stakeholders who drive and operate your business entities.

Groupe Wold
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We thought of and created WOLD around one strong key word: mutual support. This choice led us to imagine a firm based on the sharing of knowledge between our clients and our talents.

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We designed WOLD around a very strong desire: Providing high-quality listening and follow-up to our talents and our clients in order to continuously improve the life of the projects.

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