The development of our employees is not an option, it’s mandatory


The career management implemented at WOLD guarantees our talents a precise mapping of their skills and the implementation of a personalized career path.

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.


The WOLD Academy, an e-learning platform developed by our talent, offers our employees a wide range of premium content.

The new standard for commuting on the subway, while running, or in the evening on your couch.


The power of the WOLD community is based on the synergies between Seniors and Juniors

The Practice Leaders, technological and organizational early-adopters, share the keys to their technical, functional and managerial successes, while the Juniors bring freshness, energy and audacity.

Knowledge is sharing the knowledge that makes us grow.

Through its Practice Leaders, WOLD values the spirit of mutual aid and sharing

UX Researcher

The UX Researcher's role is to better understand the users in the context of use. He/she provides the UX team with valuable information to ensure a solid interface design. His main mission is to collect this information using quantitative and qualitative methods.

Product Manager

The Product Manager leads the development of a B2B, B2C, SaaS, platform or mobile oriented product to meet users' needs.

Fullstack JS Dev

He masters the whole JavaScript ecosystem and can develop a complex web application alone. He must therefore manage the Front-End part, the Back-End part, the database part and the DevOps part.

Growth Hacker

Much more than a profession, it is a state of mind, a strategy or even a set of various web marketing techniques. Growth hacking will involve many key web marketing skills. 

Digital Consultant

The digital consultant sets up a web analysis in order to measure the performance and positioning of a company on the web. It is today one of the essential marketing tools to organize digital communication actions according to predefined objectives.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the set of techniques that allow you to make a marketing and commercial profit from the activity of searching for information on the Internet that takes place on search engines. SEM = SEA + SEO.

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